Welcome Jade Ore!

Welcome Jade! Another stunning Thoroughbred mare to come to Ibalansi for restarting and schooling after her career as a race horse. She is very special: She ended her racing career by shattering her sesamoid bones. The vets said euthanasia was the only option. But thank goodness the owner listens to her horses. She asked a bone healer for help and a year later this mare is cantering around completely pain free. The healer also confirmed the reason of why this accident has happened. Jade did not want to race, she wants to help children and people with special needs. After her time here, she will go and help at a very special healing place in Cape Town. Jades first day here yesterday was interesting already- she immediately connected to Donna, our beautiful, authentic calm leader of the herd. They had a lot to talk about together, so they spent the night in the stables next to each other (Yes we have two stables that are 6x6 meters!! big). This morning Jade was ready to join another clients horse, Mammoth, in the big field and is happy :)