Some Testimonials from our amazing clients:


Mishje Cooper, 22nd August 2017

'I had the privilege of working with Lara! She as such an inspiration and her knowledge was out of this world. I will definitely be going back to her for more guidance. Thanks Lara!'


Nina Neeleman, 21st August 2017

'Such a lovely couple Lara and Adam. The experience of grounding and connecting with my horses on a different level was fascinating and exhilarating. A must do for any equine lover that wants a deeper relationship with their horses.'


Chris Larish, 4th August 2017

'Es war ein wunderbarer Ausritt. Die Pferde waren super ausgebildet und der trail hat richtig Spaß gemacht. Die Aussicht war Klasse und Adam hat sich richtig Mühe gegeben die Tour für uns unvergesslich zu machen. Es war die beste Tour die wir bis jetzt gemacht haben. Wir freuen uns auf die Fertigstellung der Gästehäuser und kommen auf jeden Fall wieder.'


Louise Collier, 17th June 2017

'I have had the pleasure of seeing Lara work with some difficult youngsters. She is amazing! Total transformation in just 3 days! From a horse who totally disregarded humans, to a horse who actively seeks out human attention! Lara has a very gentle and calm way about her, and builds trust with any horse! I could not recommend her enough!'


Talana Robertson,27 February 2018

'Lara is incredible! She has brought so much hope and love to my girl and our bond is growing more and more! I cant thank her enough for her wisdom and insight with horses and the exercises i have learnt that my girl and i can do are inspiring!'


Jeanri Greyling, 19 May 2018

'Lara has a beautiful energy connection with her horses. She is a good teacher and horse women. We can learn a lot from her. She has helped and can help a lot of horses live peaceful and happy lives free from torture. She is a lovely person to know.'


Enya Potgieter, 2 November 2017

'You guys always do such a great job with Seun and Whiskey!! Thank you!!!'


Jaimee Botha, 4 November 2017

'Thank you Ibalansi, Jaque enjoyed his lesson so much. He is counting the days till next time.'


Anthea Smith, 12 December 2017

'Lara worked with my 2 year old on the 11/12/17. She is absolutely amazing. You could clearly see at the end of the hour session he was already a different horse than what he was at the beginning. Funny how all these little things are the only thing standing in your way of having your dream horse. I highly recommend her.'


Sen Lessem, 12 December 2017

'It was a pleasure to meet Adam and Lara! Lara is incredible with horses and in helping people to build confidence around horses. She is very knowledgeable and I learned so much from her! I highly recommend the Ibalansi team to anyone and everyone. I am very grateful for their visit! Thank you both!'



Peta Hunter, 11 December 2018

‘Lara and Adam come to my yard every month. They have helped with groom training and ground work and backing. I must say that I have never worked with a kinder trainer than Lara. Absolutely passionate about horses.’