IBALANSI means 'BALANCE' in Zulu.

Balance is the key concept for a successful communication between horse and human. Our work at the Ibalansi Horse Center is based on this philosophy.


Ibalansi Horse Center is set within its privately owned reserve in the most mountainous and beautiful of South Africa’s provinces, the Western Cape. Here in Riversdale, on the beautiful and famous Garden Route, Nature is still untouched and balanced. 103 hectares of a unique mix between Renosterveld and Fynbos, you can stroll along beautiful mountains and enjoy a stunning view from the top of the world.

Why Balance? We chose this particular word, as our experience over the years has shown, that anything to do with horses is all about balance. Our own body-balance when riding, balance in mind when training horses on the ground and balance in the way we keep and feed our horses. This way we aim to achieve a healthy balance between us, our horses and the nature around us.