Hard work brings true joy for both humans and horses

We were very happy to see such amazing changes in our two biggest clients in Cape Town. 'Obelix' is 18.3 hh and 'Eros' 17.2 hh. They both look absolutely perfect because of Peta Hunter and her individualised feeding regime. Both of these horses had very different mind -sets only three months ago. They were very spooky, distracted, and bucking. There was misunderstanding between owners and horses, as well as a lot of fear and frustration. No connection, no trust. Previous trainers had the plan of 'taming the beast' through dominance-based methodologies. They thought they could show these magnificent big horses 'who the boss is in this relationship'. Unfortunately they did not take into account that a rebelling horse of this size is a lot more dangerous than an average sized horse saying 'NO'. The horses became non-rideable, as well as injuring themselves or getting ill from all the mental toxins running through their bodies. Nobody can stay healthy when their relationships do not have a balanced give and take ratio. These horses wanted nothing to do with their owners three months ago. They wanted to get out of the working arena, staring into the distance and spooking at anything. There was zero relaxation on neither the horses nor owners side. Instead of 'taming the beast', my path was to develop a connection based on unconditional love, trust and mutual respect. We taught the owners to be able to speak horse, and opened the horses up to understand their owners. We developed mental balance through creating physical balance. Lateral movements, shifting weight off the forehand (where it sits for survival mode) onto the hindquarters, releasing neck and poll area as well as sinking our energies. During this Cape Town trip we saw owners that KNOW their horses, that trust them, respect them and love them unconditionally. We saw owners that had no fear, horses that were incredibly motivated, happy and balanced. The injuries are healing, the mind is no longer loaded with toxins and on survival mode. The horses are calm, collected and relaxed (even with a whole lot of huge things going on around them during the sessions). 'Eros' and his owner had their first shared canter since two years ago (without rushing off, spooking or bucking). We are very happy and proud that these owners put in so much deep work.