Winter Solstice

Our clients beautiful Warmblood x Quarter horse mare is such a clever girl. We work with clients horses that come here for training every day, we feed them, groom them, take their temperatures and pick up their poop ourselves. Therefore we build strong connections with these horses. We know them, and they know us. We get to have long conversations with them and are able to get to the bottom of problems. This would not be possible if we would just engage with them for an hour a day and then hand over the horse to a groom. Some nights we even sleep in the stables and watch their night habits. If people ask me what training method is best, I always say- just watch the horses and you will learn everything you need to know. You will also realise that there is no method to train horses. There is either trust and communication or there is not.
We have five clients horses in at all times, and get booked out months in advance. If you are interested to send your horse for backing, schooling, or rehabilitation work, then leave your email address and we will forward all information.