Cinnabun the Pony...sweetheart of the Ibalansi herd.

Our deepest wish is to help people have a true connection with their horses 🐴 
Sometimes it’s all about “feeling only”, being “tuned into each other” and reading each other’s thoughts. Most people will think you are completely crazy but it’s so rewarding to “listen” to your horses and fulfill their wishes and dreams.
Thula is very special to me ever since I first saw him. He wasn’t even for sale back then, but he already had all my heart. Once he was up for sale, chances didn’t look like I would get him. Other interested buyers offered double the amount.. 
But thula would come up in my dreams every night! And as fate intended, he ended up with me. Only about a month ago, I started feeling that he’s uneasy and unhappy with his pasture mate, our Warmblood mare. I tried to ignore it, but signs grew stronger and stronger. A white pony was suddenly in my head, and after convincing Adam (that took a while), I searched and found Cinnabun. Even tho she wasn’t up for sale, she made her way to Ibalansi.. and my thula is happy again!
I just love this picture- they both have one ear facing each other, and one ear on me. Let’s see what the future holds, but one thing is for sure: once you connect with your horses, they definitely speak- we just need to learn how to listen...